Troy places three in top ten at divisional

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Troy senior Hunter Leighty on the podium at the Western B and C Divisional May 16. (Courtesy Photo)

The Troy High School track and field team took five athletes to the Western B and C Divisional May 16, and three of them placed in the top ten in their events.

Senior Hunter Leighty had an exemplary day at divisionals.

He won both the 200 meter and 400 meter dash, setting a new personal record in both the 200 with 22.88 seconds, and in the 400 with 50.29 seconds. He also took third place in the 100 meter dash with 11.69 seconds.

Senior Trevor Hoagland placed fourth in the high jump with 5 feet, 4 inches.

Junior Ella Pierce was back on track in the high jump, once again reaching 4 feet, 8 inches for fourth place. Pierce fell short of that mark by 4 inches less than a week ago at the Bigfork Invitational.

Though they didn’t make the top ten, brothers A.J. Starks — a freshman — and Ricky Starks — a junior — both had personal-best times in the 800 meter run, finishing only 0.02 seconds apart. A.J. made it in just ahead of his brother with 2:26.03.

Ricky Starks also had a personal best in the javelin with 90 feet, 8 inches.

Western B and C Divisional

Thursday, May 16, 2019


1. Loyola-Sacred Heart 183, 2. Bigfork 91, 3. Powell County 70.33, 4. Eureka 68, 5. Anaconda 40.33, 6. Troy 28.33, 7. Thompson Falls 27, 8. St Ignatius 10, 9. Florence-Carlton 9

100m dash: 1. Cal Gibson (Loyola) 11.57a; 2. Tanner Jolly (Powell) 11.66a (SR); 3. Hunter Leighty (Troy) 11.69a.

200m dash: 1. Hunter Leighty (Troy) 23.08a; 2. Hunter Mahan (Loyola) 23.13a; 3. Tanner Jolly (Powell) 23.64a (SR).

400m dash: 1. Hunter Leighty (Troy) 50.29a (PR); 2. Hunter Mahan (Loyola) 52.25a (PR); 3. Ridger Palma (Loyola) 52.63a.

800m run: 1. Marik Chrisman (Powell) 2:05.52a (PR); 2. Alex Lowe (Eureka) 2:08.39a (SR); 3. Gabriel Strader (Loyola) 2:09.27a (SR).

Also for Troy: 22. A.J. Starks 2:26.03a (PR); 23. Ricky Starks (Troy) 2:26.05a (PR).

1,600m run: 1. Marik Chrisman (Powell) 4:49.86a (SR); 2. Hunter Steele (Eureka) 4:53.11a (SR); 3. Evan Benton (Bigfork) 4:54.6a.

Also for Troy: 20. A.J. Starks 5:21.15a; 28. Ricky Starks (Troy) 5:43.75a.

3,200m run: 1. Hunter Steele (Eureka) 10:37.92a (PR); 2. Marik Chrisman (Powell) 10:40.18a (PR); 3. Isaac Reynolds (Eureka) 10:40.55a (PR).

Also for Troy: 15. A.J. Starks 12:01.48a.

Javelin - 800g: 1. Jakeb Kindel (Eureka) 158-07.25; 2. Bryce Danielson (Loyola) 155-08.5; 3. Logan Gilliard (Bigfork) 150-04.75.

Also for Troy: 15. Trevor Hoagland 119-07.25; 28. Ricky Starks 90-08 (PR).

High jump: 1. Wyatt Duke (Bigfork) 5-10; 2. Logan Nicholson (Powell) 5-08; 3. Levi Taylor (Bigfork) 5-06; 4. Trevor Hoagland (Troy) 5-04.

Long jump: 1. Ryan Tirrell (Loyola) 20-10.75; 2. Cooper Waters (Loyola) 20-08.75 (PR); 3. Gordon McMillion (Loyola) 20-07.75.

Also for Troy: 14. Trevor Hoagland (Troy) 16-00.75.


1. Bigfork 134, 2. Loyola-Sacred Heart 86, 3. Powell County 80, 4. Thompson Falls 70, 5. St Ignatius 69, 6. Eureka 54, 7. Anaconda 26, 8. Troy 4, 9. Florence-Carlton 3

High jump: 1. Jody Detlaff (Thompson Falls) 4-10; 2. Sierra Hanks (Thompson Falls) 4-10; 3. Afton Brander (St Ignatius) 4-08; 4. Ella Pierce (Troy) 4-08.

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