Nine go to state for Libby track and field

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The Libby High School track and field team sent nine athletes to state after the Western A Divisional May 17 through 18.

Senior Ethan Beck was one of three tying for first place in the pole vault, gliding over at 11 feet.

Sophomore Jay Beagle placed fifth in both the 100 meter dash with 11.6 seconds, and in the 400 meter dash with 51.89 seconds. He also qualified in fourth place in the 200 meter dash with 23.35 seconds.

Beagle both qualified and set a season record in the javelin, throwing for 143 feet, 10 inches, to take eighth place. He was just 4 feet short of his personal best.

Sophomore Olivia Gilliam-Smith qualified in fourth place in the long jump with 15 feet, 8.75 inches, and in ninth place in both the 100 meter dash — 13.68 seconds — and the 400 meter dash — 1:03.95.

Junior Keith Johnson came in fifth in the triple jump, reaching 40 feet, 10 inches.

Senior Emma Gruber qualifieds with fifth place in the 100 meter hurdles with 17.24 seconds, and with sixth place in the 300 meter hurdles with 49.47 seconds.

Sophomore David Patterson qualified for state in the triple jump with a new personal record at 40 feet, 7.5 inches, placing sixth. He also qualified in the high jump with a 5-foot, 6-inch jump, placing 8th.

Though Patterson didn’t qualify in the long jump, he still set a new personal record in the event, leaping 17 feet, 2.75 inches.

Senior Bella Hollingsworth placed eighth in the 100 meter hurdles with 17.47 seconds and ninth in the pole vault at 7 feet, 6 inches, qualifying for state in both.

Senior Zoie Spady qualified in shot put, placing ninth with a personal-best 33 feet, 6 inches.

Junior John Cheroske qualified for state with a 2:05.5 in the 800 meter run, placing ninth. Though he did not place in the top ten in the 1,600 meter run, Cheroske had a new personal best in the event, finishing in 4:54.41.

Gruber, Gilliam-Smith, Hollingsworth and freshman Madison Carruthers placed 8th with 54.5 seconds.

Senior Eli Gilliam-Smith, Beagle, Beck and Patterson placed 9th with 46.83 seconds.

Western A Divisional

Saturday, May 18


1. Beaverhead County 118.33, 2. Frenchtown 111, 3. Columbia Falls 70, 4. Whitefish 54.5, 5. Butte Central Catholic 51, 6. Corvallis 37.33, 7. Hamilton 34, 8. Ronan 17, 9. Polson 13.33, 10. Libby 11, 11. Browning 7, 12. Stevensville 2.5

100m dash: 1. Jace Klucewich (Frenchtown) 11.15a; 2. Daniel Henjum (Columbia Falls) 11.54a; 3. Kaedan Clewien (Columbia Falls) 11.57a; 4. Drew Morgan (Columbia Falls) 11.59a; 5. Jay Beagle (Libby) 11.6a.

200m dash: 1. Jace Klucewich (Frenchtown) 23.07a; 2. Dylan Cervelli (Beaverhead) 23.15a (PR); 3. Drew Morgan (Columbia Falls) 23.16a; 4. Jay Beagle (Libby) 23.35a.

Also for Libby: 26. Ryker Ford 25.15a (SR).

400m dash: 1. Dylan Cervelli (Beaverhead) 49.42a (PR); 2. Lee Walburn (Whitefish) 50.48a (PR); 3. Drew Morgan (Columbia Falls) 51.0a; 4. Cutter Thatcher (Butte) 51.19a; 5. Jay Beagle (Libby) 51.89a.

800m run: 1. Tyler Schmautz (Frenchtown) 1:56.94a (PR); 2. James Normandeau (Ronan) 1:58.3a (PR); 3. Quin Stewart (Polson) 1:59.88a (SR).

Also for Libby: 9. John Cheroske 2:05.5a.

1,600m run: 1. Tyler Schmautz (Frenchtown) 4:36.11a; 2. James Normandeau (Ronan) 4:41.6a; 3. Aidan Jarvis (Columbia Falls) 4:44.47a (PR).

Also for Libby: 12. John Cheroske 4:54.41a (PR); 29. Will O’Connell 5:18.83a; 35. Lucky Martin 5:39.94a.

3,200m run: 1. Will Flowers (Corvallis) 10:23.74a; 2. Luke Lutz (Frenchtown) 10:28.84a; 3. Colter Kirkland (Hamilton) 10:32.76a.

Also for Libby: 23. Will O’Connell 11:49.17a; 24. Lucky Martin 12:21.99a.

4x100m relay:

1. (Columbia Falls) Chance Adams, Daniel Henjum, Zackary Pletcher and Kaedan Clewien 43.9a; 2. (Beaverhead) Zane Johnson, Justus Peterson, Dylan Cervelli and Zach Ingram 44.03a; 3. (Frenchtown) Jeffrey Jacobs, Aidan Cyr, Kaiden Romney and Jace Klucewich 44.29a;

Also for Libby: 9. Eli Gilliam-Smith, Jay Beagle, Colten Clemons and David Patterson 46.83a

Shot put - 12lb: 1. Jacob Campbell (Hamilton) 53-10.5; 2. Jesse Mecham (Frenchtown) 51-07 (SR); 3. Garrett Brown (Corvallis) 50-01.5.

Also for Libby: 29. Aydan Williamson 35-02.

Discus - 1.6kg: 1. Aaron Richards (Butte) 142-06; 2. Jacob Campbell (Hamilton) 141-04; 3. Parker Greene (Columbia Falls) 132-06.

Also for Libby: 34. Aydan Williamson 94-00.

Javelin - 800g: 1. Michael Graves (Hamilton) 180-08; 2. Cooper Hoffman (Beaverhead) 177-11; 3. Cade Holter (Butte) 175-04.

Also for Libby: 8. Jay Beagle 143-10 (SR); 12. Aydan Williamson 132-04.

High jump: 1. Alfred Peterson (Beaverhead) 6-02; 2. Michael Haverfield (Beaverhead) 6-00; 3. Jeffrey Jacobs (Frenchtown) 5-08.

Also for Libby: 8. David Patterson 5-06.

Pole vault: 10. Jonathan Crane (Corvallis) 11-00; 11. Jaxon Heinz (Columbia Falls) 11-00; 11. Ethan Beck (Libby) 11-00.

Long jump: 1. Alfred Peterson (Beaverhead) 22-01.75 (PR); 2. Zane Johnson (Beaverhead) 21-10 (PR); 3. Jace Klucewich (Frenchtown) 21-00.5.

Also for Libby: 24. Eli Gilliam-Smith 17-07.5; 28. Ethan Beck 17-04.75; 30. Ryker Ford 17-03; 32. David Patterson 17-02.75 (PR).

Triple jump: 1. Zane Johnson (Beaverhead) 45-04.5 (PR); 2. Logan Lewis (Corvallis) 42-03.25 (SR); 3. Sam Menicke (Whitefish) 42-00.25 (PR); 4. Jeffrey Jacobs (Frenchtown) 41-07.5; 5. Keith Johnson (Libby) 40-10; 6. David Patterson (Libby) 40-07.5 (PR).


1. Corvallis 105, 2. Beaverhead County 97, 3. Whitefish 83, 4. Columbia Falls 75, 5. Hamilton 40, 6. Frenchtown 36, 7. Polson 24, 8. Ronan 23, 8. Stevensville 23, 10. Butte Central Catholic 14, 11. Libby 7

100m dash: 1. Tylia DeJohn (Beaverhead) 12.62a; 2. Lauren Schulz (Whitefish) 12.9a; 3. Kinsley Barney (Ronan) 12.98a.

Also for Libby: 9. Olivia Gilliam-Smith 13.68a.

200m dash: 1. Tylia DeJohn (Beaverhead) 26.02a; 2. Kinsley Barney (Ronan) 26.57a; 3. Lauren Schulz (Whitefish) 26.9a.

Also for Libby: 24. Krystal Pena 31.51a.

400m dash: 1. Mikenna Ells (Whitefish) 59.12a (PR); 2. Josie Windauer (Columbia Falls) 1:00.0a; 3. Lauren Schulz (Whitefish) 1:01.05a (SR).

Also for Libby: 9. Olivia Gilliam-Smith 1:03.95a.

800m run: 1. Brynnli Poulsen (Hamilton) 2:18.02a (PR); 2. Natalie Yocum (Frenchtown) 2:19.79a (PR); 3. Bea Frissell (Polson) 2:22.67a (SR).

Also for Libby: 18. Lauren Thorstenson (Libby) 2:41.32a.

1,600m run: 1. Bea Frissell (Polson) 5:16.04a; 2. Brynnli Poulsen (Hamilton) 5:20.21a; 3. Natalie Yocum (Frenchtown) 5:22.84a.

Also for Libby: 16. Lauren Thorstenson 6:05.41a; 23. Mikalyn Zeiler 6:42.04a; 24. Halona LaFleur 7:02.21a.

3,200m run: 1. Lara Erickson (Columbia Falls) 12:16.25a (PR); 2. Lilli Day (Corvallis) 12:22.98a; 3. Kelly Mosher (Beaverhead) 12:30.71a (PR).

Also for Libby: 14. Halona LaFleur 14:50.16a.

100m hurdles: 1. Ainsley Shipman (Beaverhead) 16.28a (PR); 2. Maureen Jessop (Corvallis) 16.81a (SR); 3. Anna Cook (Whitefish) 16.83a (PR); 4. Rileigh McGree (Butte) 16.91a; 5. Emma Gruber (Libby) 17.24a.

Also for Libby: 8. Isabella Hollingsworth 17.47a.

300m hurdles: 1. Ainsley Shipman (Beaverhead) 47.77a; 2. Kailee McCready (Corvallis) 48.11a; 3. Kennedy Grove (Whitefish) 48.76a (PR).

Also for Libby: 6. Emma Gruber 49.47a; 11. Isabella Hollingsworth 51.22a.

4x100m relay: 1. (Beaverhead) Veronica Betts, Madalen Shipman, Jordyn McKay and Tylia DeJohn 51.11a; 2. (Whitefish) Tommye Kelly, Mikenna Ells, Emily Gunlikson and Lauren Schulz 51.24a; 3. (Ronan) Tiana Ulutoa, Rylie Lindquist, Lindsey Brooks and Kinsley Barney 52.8a.

Also for Libby: 8. Madison Caruthers, Olivia Gilliam-Smith, Isabella Hollingsworth and Emma Gruber 54.5a.

Shot put - 4kg: 1. Kiera Brown (Columbia Falls) 36-11.5 (PR); 2. Katelyn Dickemore (Hamilton) 36-10; 3. Angellica Street (Columbia Falls) 34-07.

Also for Libby: 9. Zoie Spady 33-06 (PR).

Discus - 1kg: 1. Calla Haldorson (Corvallis) 138-03; 2. Kayla Botkin (Frenchtown) 119-11; 3. Kaitlyn Weidow (Corvallis) 111-07.

Also for Libby: 26. Zoie Spady 72-05.

Javelin - 600g: 1. Angellica Street (Columbia Falls) 124-06.5; 2. Tynn Christiansen (Beaverhead) 118-09; 3. Brooke Powell (Corvallis) 112-01.5 (PR).

Also for Libby: 17. Zoie Spady 83-10.5.

Pole vault: 1. Kailen Herbstritt (Corvallis) 11-00 (PR); 2. Josie Windauer (Columbia Falls) 10-06; 3. Jordyn McKay (Beaverhead) 10-00 (PR).

Also for Libby: 9. Isabella Hollingsworth 7-06; 12. Halona LaFleur 7-00.

Long jump: 1. Ashton Lewis (Stevensville) 17-02.5; 2. Lindsay McGree (Butte) 17-02.25 (SR); 3. Madeline Robison (Columbia Falls) 16-08.5; 4. Olivia Gilliam-Smith (Libby) 15-08.75.

Also for Libby: 11. Emma Gruber 15-03; 32. Savanna Sanderson 13-02.25; 36. Krystal Pena 12-02.75.

Triple jump: 1. Josey Jones (Beaverhead) 34-05.5 (PR); 2. Mikaela Ducharme (Polson) 34-01.25; 3. Ainsley Shipman (Beaverhead) 33-11.75.

Also for Libby: 23. Isabella Hollingsworth 29-07; 25. Savanna Sanderson 29-06.5.

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